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Liberty Glass Industry


They say excellence comes from experience and in the Liberty Glass Industry, we are trying to prove them right. Our mother-company is Ahmad Group Of Industry (AGI), beginning our journey in the year 2005, having experience of more than 20 years, focusing on our aim gave AGI an opportunity to manufacture Liberty Glass in Dubai. We have passed several milestones of perfection. Starting our journey from automotive to architectural , interior and now leading to Liberty Glass which will deal all types of architectural and interior glasses in Dubai. Our aim is to provide our customers with the exquisite quality glass.

More than – 20 Years of Experience.

High Quality & and Affordable Products.

Industry Leader in Glass Manufacturing.

Expert Team

We have highly qualified staff to operate Production

Target fulfil

Our team works round the clock to meet deadlines.


We always focus on improving Productivity

Who Are We

Whether you are watching the sunrise from your new patio enclosure, enjoying views of your property through your kitchen windows, or staring through the windshield of your antique automobile, Liberty Glass is pioneer in manufacturing of all types of tempered & laminated safety glasses in Pakistan. We have excellent clarity in our glasses and goal, which has made AGI the leading manufacturer of Liberty Glass in Dubai.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the best quality glass by attaining gratitude from its patrons to provide them a clear vision of the world in a peaceful environment.

Our Mission

High quality and affordable products to its customers

Create and cultivate long-term relations with clients

Respond immediately the changing need of our clients

Achieve complete customer satisfaction

Improve our service continuously

Create and cultivate long-term relations with clients

Liberty Glass


Insulating Glass

Insulating coated glass reflects heat from the building back into the interior, preventing heat loss and contributing to the comfort of the occupants. These types of glass can be assembled into double or triple glazing. Their insulating power can be further enhanced by filling the inter-glass space with noble gas (argon or krypton).

Laminated Glass

Laminated safety glass is made up of several sheets of glass separated by one or more plastic films (PVB) so that if it breaks, the pieces remain attached to the film. Depending on its composition, it offers protection against falling out the window and even resists gunfire and explosions.

Wired Glass

Regarded highly for its flame-retardant properties, this clear glass with an integrated metal wire mesh holds the glass in place in case of breakage.

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass, produced by heat treatment, is five times stronger than ordinary glass in terms of resistance to physical or thermal shock. If broken, toughened glass shatters into many small non-cutting pieces that will prevent injury.

Sound Insulation Glass

Acoustic insulation is a glazing’s ability to prevent noise from passing through it, for example between a noisy external environment and a quiet room inside a building. The higher the acoustic insulation of a glazing, the greater the comfort, with a resulting positive impact on well-being and health.

Decorative Glass

Glass products in line with design trends, as well as customized solutions. Various options for different colors, transparencies, surface structures, reflectivity and opacity levels are available. Ranging from clear and colored float glass, mirrors, painted glass and glass with a satin touch.

Sandblast Glass

Sandblasting is one way of etching glass that creates a look associated with frosted glass. Sand is naturally abrasive and when combined with fast-moving air, will wear away at a surface. We are also providing this in good quality and rates.

Structural glazing systems

Structural glazing is a system whereby glazings are bonded to a metal structure. This technique can be used to create 'all glass' or 'curtain wall' facades, allowing for better thermal insulation and transparency of the facade by maximizing the use of insulating glass.

Colorfull Glass

The term colorfull glass is also applied to windows in enameled glass in which the colors have been painted onto the glass and then fused to the glass in a kiln; very often this technique is only applied to parts of a window.

Bulletproof Glass

The centerpiece of any effective bulletproof barrier system is a carefully selected choice of bulletproof glass. Your choice of glass impacts your protection level, as well as all of the other ballistic components and accessories you choose, we are providing all such accessories of high quality in good rates.

Liberty Glass,

Our Specialties

At Liberty Glass Industry, we are ardent about work and believe in offering nothing but the best for our clients. We have set some core values for the company, and all the employees adhere to those values in their work ethics and culture. The core values that make Liberty Glass Industry stand out in the crowd are:

Offering Innovative Products

We always strive to offer the excellent and innovative products to our clients to meet their expectations.

Emphasize On the Client Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we leave no stone unturned to achieve it.

Taking Care of Employees and Their Needs

Employees are the backbone of any company or organization.

Business Dealings

We hold a very professional attitude about dealing with the clients and for the development of the products.

Fulfilling the Legal Requirements

We take special care of the legal proceedings and complete them on time.


Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than annealed glass of the same size and thickness against impact.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide our customers with exquisite quality glass. Focusing on our aim gave AGI an opportunity to manufacture Liberty Glass Industry.

Our Mission

LLC is dedicated to providing its employees with rewarding compensation, safe working environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the best quality glass by attaining gratit-ude from its patrons to provide them a clear vision of the world
in a peaceful environment.

Our Goal

Our goal is to meet the demand of the finest quality architectural glasses and replacement market at very competitive rates.

Liberty Glass

Projects in Pakistan

Metro Bus Station

In Detail :

Metro Bus Station, the project is developed by the Liberty Glass in Pakistan, located inside Lahore City in Punjab Province.
This project deals all the glass works utilized in metro bus station. We have protected its surrounding by our tempered glasses, which are four to five times stronger than annealed glasses of the same size and thickness against impact.
We develop the relationships that underpin the next phase in your organization’s growth. We do this by discerning the people and the platforms where interests converge.

Home Glass Appliances

In Detail :

One of our customer, Veruline is selling all the home glass appliances in Pakistan, he purchases tempered glasses from us in a large quantity to fulfill all demands of home glass appliances. Our tempered glass is more stronger as compared to simple annealed glass, which fulfills all desired satisfactions for a customer who is purchasing any home glass appliance.

Coca Glass Door

In Detail :

Our customer, Veruline also have done work for coca cola project for which Liberty Glass have provide the front coca cola glass door, Which makes the refrigerator's appearance more attractive and beautiful. Everything could be clearly seen from outside even having strong tempered glass which is coated with many layers as compared to simple annealed glass.

Wave, Referigerator Front Print Glasses

In Detail :

Liberty Glass also has supplied refrigerator front printed glasses to Wave, our customer in Pakistan which purchases all types of refrigerator front glasses from us. We have supplied printed glass for refrigerator door, material, tempered glass+ colorful printing of different shapes, flat or curved with shining and attractive appearance. It is easy to clean, having high chemical and corrosion resistance and appearance is environmental friendly. It was one of our safty seaworthy package.

Dawlance, Referigerator Front Print Glasses

In Detail :

Liberty Glass is also currently working in a project of Dawlance, It is the company providing home appliances. We are providing front printed glass of refrigerator to Dawlance as we have provided it to wave, similarly, Liberty Glass will fulfill all desired satisfactions of Dawlance regarding front printed glass of refrigerator.

Pak Army, Bullet-Proof Glasses

In Detail :

Liberty Glass also has provided bullet-proof glasses to the Pakistan army. The commander and driver are seated at the front and provided with bulletproof windows to their front and a forward opening door with a bulletproof window in the upper part of either side. These bulletproof windows are covered by wire mesh screens. The bulletproof windows provide the same level of protection as the armored hull. We are also providing bullet-proof glass for windows used in walls where they stay.

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